“What is a Story?”

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3 min readNov 24, 2020


A Story is a tale we create and tell others, and pass it on.

It is about us or others doing something great or not so great things; mainly we don’t know what the writer is trying to tell us, but we still try to create our perception saying we understand the writer what he was trying to present. There is always a significant difference between those perceptions; but we all understand the story to some extent and tell others it was a great story which becomes a Tale.

A story or a tale could be anything from it all up to his readers to which part of their lives they relate it to, and making it a delightful story and feeling connected to it, to some extent, to feel great.

In every story, there is a narrator who narrates us through the story of which he could be part of or may not be; but if he is part of that story then the whole mainly revolves around him proofing he was a victim or a part of an incident or a miracle; maybe both.

But from the writer’s perspective, he always tries to revolve the story around a particular thing which could be anything such as a person, a plot, a thought, a mentality, or a particular which he thinks is important and others should know this, along with some other small things. In short, we can say that he presenting thought towards something by this story.

A Story always has three things: The Beginning; the climax; and the Ending.

- The Beginning, as we all know there is always a point where everything starts, which we figure out along with the story as it can be anywhere in the story, it can be at the beginning of the middle and sometimes at the end of the story, or it is just unknown except for the writer himself; which we have to figure out, to understand truly a tale.

- the Climax which is the peak of everything, the major event happens thing occurs in the story, or we can say the point where the writer tries to bring an unexpected twist to baffle the minds of the reader in such a way that is totally unexpected to happen; i.e., a point where the story achieves its true meaning.

- And the Ending, where we ultimately think after the ending, all lived happily after and after.

“Now you think what about the contents in between?”

If you ask me, all content in between is the things where the writer tries to prove that our protagonist is a wise, honest, and good guy, no matter how many terrifying he might have done. He is a good guy, as he has suffered a lot, and he has good reason to do so.

So, yes, content in between is philosophical and psychological torture, which we have to go through to understand truly the true meaning or the hidden of the story or tale; which make it pretty important stuff, but still we only remember the beginning and the end of the story, and make it a tale by telling the same story to others;

But, you know, what the funny thing is that we could never spoil a good story, as we could never present the same philosophical or psychological torture we felt while reading that tale, which makes us come back and suffer the same torture again and again.

In short, a story is a tale well created by us to tell others, keeping us to be part of that tale as the main protagonist who made all this possible; or representing our way of thinking toward the reality to others.

……………………………………………………………………… just thoughts.



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